Thursday, February 5, 2009


There is a mandarin orange tree close to the house. The Mandarins happen to be in season right now ...or are getting there and the kids LOVE going out to pick and then of course EAT them. We went out to get some today and indulged in the delicious fruit. I find them to be the perfect blend of sweetness and tartness. 

That white ish pile you see is salt and Tonys mixed together. Tony's is a spicy seasoning that is very popular here in Honduras. I like it on some things but the kids were practically coating their oranges in the mixture! It was fun to watch them try to be tough. In the beginning it was only Pamela dipping her oranges in the mixture. By the end all of the girls (even Maryuri) were smearing their oranges with the seasoning. They then would try their best to not grimace or drink any water so that everyone else would think they were "tough." 

I probably peeled 50 or more Mandarins before we were through!! 

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