Friday, November 30, 2007

So good to be home!:)

The whole gang

The love of my life!

Yea we're cute!:)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where I'm supposed to be

Ever have one of those ahh moments when everything just seems to line up. Suddenly all is right in your world and all the agony of moments past seem to finally be worth it. That moment came for me on Monday. I arrived back in Honduras around 1:00 in the afternoon. I had the privilege of flying back with Jen and we were both greeted at the airport by the other "sister" Gina. :) What a joy it was to finally see her. After grabbing a bite to eat we headed to the house to see the kiddos. Oh how blissful those first few moments were....of wrapping them up in my arms and showering them with love and affection. I savored every minute with them that afternoon and evening. We even took a little adventure all together to get suckers and avocados. A rare mix I know but one that left us all equally satisfied. I of course jumped on the chance to finally get to sleep with my Katty again. It has been far too long since that little one was cuddled up beside me. Yesterday was spent falling back into the routine of things. Today found us already on day 3 and much of the same. Half the kids are sick so undoubtedly the rest will be soon. It seems we are always battling that. I can't tell you how much the kiddos have changed. I promise to post more pictures soon when the internet decides to cooperate a little better. However, let me just say that Antonio, Maryuri, AND Katty are all potty trained now. Antonio and Maryuri are talking non stop and it is actually clear and very animated! :) They have all grown so big and the girls hair is longer than it has been in a long time! Rudy is much softer. Pamela is much more trusting. Daniela has completely stopped having fits. So much more I wish to tell. Little differences that probably would go unnoticed or would seem so minor most wouldn't mention it. However, when you are gone from your kids for so long you notice every difference and hurt for the time that was lost. Anyways for now this will have to be all. I promise to be more diligent with this blogging thing and will get pictures up very soon.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Going back

Ok ok...I realize it has been over a month since my last post. I am slacking for sure. My intentions have been good as I keep telling myself I will blog..."tomorrow." However, tomorrow just seemed to never hold enough time to sit down and adequately portray the thoughts, emotions, and lessons I have been encountering lately. Now as I look back on my time home I can hardly believe it is over. I will be returning to Hondo this coming Monday and will stay there until June. I miss my kids like crazy and am ready to see them. Yet that doesn't make this goodbye process any easier. My family and I will be having Thanksgiving Thursday. Christmas eve Friday and Christmas day Saturday. All of this to say that once Monday gets here I promise that my blog will once again be regularly updated. It will be flooded with pictures, stories, and all the emotion I can fit between the lines and in the words. Thank you for sticking with me and for all of you that played a part in making my time at home so special. I love you all.