Saturday, February 28, 2009

Front Teeth

Monica lost her two front teeth...LAST AUGUST! Since then we've been waiting for even the first signs of her teeth coming back in. Well FINALLY they are starting to break through her gums. It will still be awhile before they are fully there but is about time! :) 

Friday, February 27, 2009


Pamela took the wrap off of her foot before school the other day to find raw skin and pus. It looked infected and was starting to cause her pain. By that afternoon she was back at the doctor's office. The Doctor said the flap of skin had come undone and left raw skin and flesh is no wonder it was causing her pain! She was supposed to go back this Monday to have the stitches removed. However, with this set back it is hard to tell when they'll be able to remove all the stitches. Please continue to pray for a speedy and pain free recovery. 


We had visitation today with the kid's moms. Everyone showed up except for Katty, Fernando, Monica, and Doris's family. Katty and Monica seemed fairly unfazed by the fact that their mom was a no show but Doris spent the entire ride home muttering "momma...mommy...momma." Fernando spent the ride quiet and pensive on Mike's lap. He is by far the one most affected by watching everyone else's family show up. He spends every month counting down the days until he gets to see his mother so when she doesn't show it is rough for him. It is always a hard day. Personally I hate visitation day. I hate watching the kids get so hurt by these people that pop in and out of their lives from time to time. Please pray for each of our kiddos tonight as they pillow their heads. No matter if their moms were there or not they surely will be sorting through the emotions of the day. 


A couple of months ago each of the kids got a "closet." We found a local guy who makes bunk beds with cabinets attached to the end. Not only does it help us organize clothes, toys, and such but it also gives the kids a sense of ownership. The closets lock so they are able to stow their dress clothes and personal items inside. The kids LOVE them. 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Kids

Today we got two new kids. Jose is 7 and Anita is 8. They are a brother/sister pair. They have been living at an all boys orphanage for the past 2 1/2 years. So poor Anita has been the only girl amongst 80 boys in the home. She has been sharing a room with one of the Tias this entire time. It will be good to get her around some girls for once! Not to mention ...their father is the "stepdad" to Katty, Monica, Doris, and Fernando. So at least they are now all together as a "family." Please be praying for these new kiddos as they attempt to adjust to a new place, new rules, new kiddos, and just a new life. 

Happy Birthday Nadia!

Today is one of our worker's (Nadia) birthdays. In order to celebrate we ordered cake and sang to her. It seems like all of our workers have birthdays in the first couple months of the year so we have been eating cake a lot lately...but hey we aren't complaining! :) 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was recently told about a site that allows you to download one FREE audiobook a month. For those of you who like listening to a good book from time to time you will be as excited about this news as I was! :) I went to the site and tried it and guess worked! The new audiobook is now on my ipod for my listening pleasure. 

I wanted to share the site with you so that you could take advantage of it too.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5 brothers

I'm back again begging for prayers on the behalf of these boys. You met them long ago when I first came to Casa. They were the first 5 children ever to enter Casa de Esperanza and they were quickly dubbed "the 5 brothers." You watched them grow and change in the pictures on my blog. Then this past May you read my anguish as the courts ordered the boys be given back to their mother and father who had just gotten out of jail after serving 2 years for murder. 

Most recently the 5 brothers, their mom, and their older brother have been living with Jen for the past couple of months while their dad was in a rehab center for his drug addiction. Their dad is getting out this Saturday and intends to move back in with the boys and his wife. Jen is currently looking for a place to rent for them as well as a job for the dad. Our hope is to keep them close enough that we can keep an eye on the family and help out when need be. Not to mention that the boys are currently enrolled in a bilingual school and LOVE it. We want them to be able to continue in their studies there. So I come to you today begging that you pray over these little ones. Pray that the 2 months in rehab have helped the dad change. Pray that we are able to find a place for them that is close by and decently priced. Pray that we have the wisdom to make the best decisions on behalf of the boys. Pray that these little ones make it through yet another transitional period in life. I can't imagine what it must feel like to know that your future is never stable. They constantly live in a state of fear that the current situation will shift and they will be forced to once again adapt to the changes that are forced upon them. 

Monday, February 23, 2009


As a kid I loved to rollerblade. Katie, Shea, and I used to go all around town on our was the "cool" thing to do. The kids here at Casa have a pair of skates that they share.  As I watched them take turns skating back and forth in front of the house I was flooded with memories of my "skating days." :) 

They will often share the skates by each taking one skate. I've yet to decide if it is because they are being nice or because they have more control with only one skate. :)  

Monica is hilarious to watch using the skates. The girl often struggles to walk without falling...put her on wheels and it is even worse! Rosita decided to "help her skate" the other day. She thought she could hold her up and teach her how to skate. 

Katty is almost equally terrible on the skates. She can barely stand up straight without falling on her butt. Yet she spends hours falling down, getting up again, falling down, getting back up again.... You get the picture. If she makes it even a few inches without falling her face lights up as if she'd made it a mile. She is a persistent little thing. Much braver than I ever was at that age! 

Friday, February 20, 2009


When Pamela was younger she was hit by a car and although they attempted to "fix" her foot back then they didn't do it right. So close to a month ago she went in to have plastic surgery done again. They attempted to reconstruct her heel so that she is able to walk and run without any pain. Since the surgery she has been on crutches and unable to put any pressure on it. She has been back to the doctor almost weekly since the surgery. She hasn't been healing as quickly as they would have liked but she is definitely coming along. I ask that you pray for this little one. Pray that the surgery worked and that she will be able to frolic around like a normal kid. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

when did they get so big

                                      Taken this August

I've been here two years now and over the past few years I've watched the kiddos change and grow in more ways than I can count. Yet today as I was looking back through old pictures I saw children I hardly recognize anymore! How did my babies get so big?!? 

                                           Taken January and March of 2007

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back to school

Fourth Grade: Pamela and Brayan
                   Kindergarten: Katty and Maryuri 
                           First Grade: Daniela, Monica, SiSi, Fernando 
                         Second Grade: Jackson and Cindy 
                                                 Third Grade: Fitto 

The kids started school this past week. They are going to a new school this year that is supposed to be better all the way around. Furthermore, it supposedly doesn't cancel school as much as the we shall see. Even with the school switch and leaving their old friends behind they seem to be adapting and liking the new school. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Honduras Vs. Coasta Rica!

                                       Carlos and me 
                                                  Jen, Gina, and me
                                        Jared, Carlos, David 

This past Wednesday Honduras played Costa Rica in a huge futbol (soccer) game. I have never really watched or followed soccer before. It was one of the few sports that I had never really learned to play and therefore never really got too involved in it. Not to mention that as a whole we North Americans really don't give soccer the appreciation it deserves. Since moving to Honduras I've learned to be a huge fan of soccer...mainly Honduras soccer. I bought the jersey, watch their schedule, and heck I'm even learning a few soccer rules so that I actually know what is going on and can talk the part of a true fan. 

I like sports and am competitive enough that if I pick a side to cheer for I can almost always get into it no matter what sport it is. Yet here it goes above and beyond that. On days when Honduras has a game this country goes nuts. On game days if you venture into the city you will find hundreds of people wearing jerseys. People stand in the middle of the street selling jerseys, flags, and other gear. Car hoods are draped with huge flags and flags are flown proudly from windows. We aren't talking a handful of people get excited. We are talking EVERYONE! Men, women, children...poor, rich....Hondurans, gringos........EVERYONE. 

So even if I didn't already love sports I think I would love Honduras futbol. It is fun to watch an entire country come together on any one issue...even if it is sports. (in my case especially when it is sports) I mean it is hard to NOT want to get involved or fall in love with the team when it literally brings such joy and unity to this country. Plus I think I've finally found fans that would give my fellow buckeye fans a run for our money! :) 

I mean lets just start with Gina. For those of you who know Gina I wish you could be with her on game day. Not only does she dress the part but she goes crazy right along with everyone else. She jumps around, claps, shouts, pounds on the table, talks to the players, (on the t.v.) and simply goes crazy. At one point she had Jen and I talked into blowing on way or another to help guide the ball in the direction we wanted it to go. Yet it wasn't enough. We ended up getting beat by Costa Rica. Yet the night was still a lot of fun. We watched it at Tony Roma's. (a restaurant in the city) So many people were there to watch the game that you had to call ahead for a reservation. On top of the seating inside the restaurant they also had set up tables under a huge tent outside...complete with speakers and 4 big screen T.V.s.  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

I wrote this last year...but wanted to take the time to remind myself (and all of you) why this holiday isn't so bad. 

I realize that Valentine's Day was yesterday and that some of you would much rather be rejoicing in the fact that it has come and gone. However, as we celebrate (or boycott) this "love" holiday I can't seem to help but ponder what it all means. Why does one holiday bring such joy to some and bitterness to others? I can’t think of any other holiday that brings such division among human beings. I’ve heard all the arguments for and against it and I've found myself on each side of the fence throughout the years. However, this year has found me simply sitting on the fence wondering why the heck we have a fence in the first place? So as I've sat pondering the issue I've come to a few conclusions that I want to share with those of you that live for the holiday, those of you that boycott the holiday, and those of you who like me find yourself sitting on the fence not sure what to think.

I have now spent 2 Valentines Days in this country. (Honduras) Both years I’ve been shocked and amazed to find that V-Day is almost bigger here than it is in the states. Every restaurant, store, and road seems plastered with decorations meant to make you in the Valentine’s Day mood. However, the difference between here and there is that here it is called the Day of love AND friendship. Makes all the single people out there less inclined to hide in bed when February 14th comes around. Reminds us that love isn’t limited to relationships between a man and a women. I know people think adding friendship is just a way to sell more cards and make those who would rather skip the day more apt to celebrate it. However, I’m growing to appreciate the “and friendship” part more every time I think about it.

I’ve been guilty of being one of the loudest boycotters out there against this “hallmark” holiday. There was a day when I may have picked up a sign and joined a group protesting the “stupid” holiday outside a flower shop. (ok so probably not but I would have been chanting with them in my heart/mind) For whatever reason through the years the desire to fight has left me and the arguments that used to ring so true seem pointless now. Why is it we have such a problem with having a day to celebrate love? We V day boycotters used to complain that it was a Hallmark holiday invented solely to sell cards. We couldn’t seem to figure out why there should be a day set aside for love. Shouldn’t we be loving and expressing that love every day of the year? In the past 48 hours I’ve sat pondering all of that once again.

It has hit me though that isn’t the point of any holiday to simply have one day in which we recognize that which we celebrate (or should be celebrating) every other day of our lives? Think about it….Christmas comes but once a year. It is a day to celebrate Christ’s birth. Just because we recognize and celebrate Christmas doesn’t mean that we don’t have to appreciate the precious gift of His birth any other day of the year. Thanksgiving Day by no means limits us to only being thankful for the blessings of life on that one day in late November. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day doesn’t mean that we spoil our parents on “their” day and treat them like crap the rest of the year. Each holiday is simply a reminder of the love, appreciation, and celebration that should be happening EVERY day.

I have looked up and researched the origin for why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. What was it that triggered its birth in the first place and what made it significant enough to be added to every calendar you buy? The results to my search could have kept me reading for days. I could fill you in on just about every detail of what makes February 14th what it is today. However, as I mentioned in my last blog… 1. this blog is plenty long enough already and 2. if you were capable of getting to this blog I’m confident that you can also handle a google search. (with the exception of maybe Bonnie! he he) I will leave you with this…. my research proved to me that there are plenty other reasons for this holiday than the cliché “hallmark wanted to make more money” argument. Does this mean I’ve climbed down off the fence and been converted to stand fighting beside those of you that love this holiday….no. I simply still sit wondering why it is we ever built this fence in the first place. What have those on the “love valentine’s day and anything to do with it” side of the fence done to invoke such a riot from those on the “not so fond of the holiday” side? Surely it is more than just an I have or don’t have a boyfriend, husband, reason to celebrate love issue. So what is it that fuels this war? So I would say I have at best become sympathetic to both sides but am choosing to simply celebrate the same way I celebrate every day I’m given to love those around me.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Jen and David went out the other day with no intentions of even entering a pet store. Yet when they returned home they had the cutest little cocker spaniel puppy in tow. His name is Toby and he truly is absolutely adorable.   The kids LOVE him. They dote all over him. They are constantly coming up to us to say that "Toby isn't feeling well" or "Toby just peed on the floor" or "Toby .....(fill in the blank)" I love watching the boys take care of him. So far they've done a great job of cleaning up after him and making sure he has food/water. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chicken Pox!!!

In the beginning or January the 5 brothers, (Yovani, Marvin, Mario, Francisco, and Antonio) who used to live at Casa) their momma, and their older brother Yoni moved in with Jen, Sam, and David at their house. They are there temporarily while their father attends an alcoholic program in an attempt to clean up his life. Needless to say the house is just hopping with excitement! :) 

About two weeks ago Mario came home with the first signs of chicken pox. Now Antonio and Yoni both are COVERED with them and then just today we found the first few spots on Marvin. Poor Yoni is running a low grade fever and just feels miserable.  Anotino is constantly telling us that his "stomach itches" or asking us to "scratch his back." We are all praying that we can keep this "epidemic" contained and that none of the rest of us end up with this obnoxious disease. 

Monday, February 9, 2009


This little one will be turning 5 this year. She has been living at Casa for 2 1/2 years now. When she first got here she couldn't walk because she had been left in a crib and her muscles had  atrophied. She was a mean child. She didn't want to be touched and the only time she touched others was to pinch, bite, or hit them. You couldn't even attempt to get close to her. 

She has come SO far since then. She now loves to be held, hugged, played with, etc. Don't get me wrong she has her moments where she lashes out but overall her disposition has changed completely. She has becoming a very loving child who plays and enjoys people. 

However, I come to you today seeking your prayers. Despite the differences in her personality Maryuri remains the most fickle child I have ever met. One second she wants a certain shirt and the next second she doesn't want that shirt.  That would be all well and good except that she is that way with EVERYTHING. In the past few weeks she has become especially difficult. On She will beg to have her hair put up. Then suddenly she'll decide she doesn't want her hair up anymore. She'll pull her hair thing out and throw it across the room then within seconds she will decided she wants her hair back up but she wanted a different hair band. It is back and forth back and forth until you want to go crazy! 

So I'm here today seeking your prayers on the behalf of this little one. For whatever reason she seems to have a hard time with being told what to do.  With each incidence she seems to be saying "I will make my own can't tell me what to do." We aren't sure if this is just her being a difficult child or if her behavior is remnants of her past. Punishing abused children gets really tricky when you really don't know what their past looks likes or what they've had to endure before making it to the safety of our home. 

So I ask that you would pray not only for Maryuri but also for us. Pray that God fills us with patience and wisdom as we continually learn how to deal with each of our kiddos. 

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I was reminded yesterday of how much I HATE play-doh. The kids decided they wanted to drag out all the play doh they own and attempt to sculpt things. They spent hours making flowers, food, and other random creations. I'm just thankful that Dilma (one of our workers) took on the task of "helping" (aka: watching them) them with it. Even with her supervision we ended up with play-doh ground into the carpet. They had play-doh in their hair, on their clothes, and ALL over the playroom. Katty even managed to get it in her ear. I shudder just thinking of having to the gooey stuff.  

Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Dead peasants insurance"

A few days ago I wrote about the Walmart worker who was trampled to death on Black Friday. To most it was the epitome of materialism and disregard for our fellow man. Yet as I poured over articles about the incident I found something even more alarming. Towards the end of one of the article there was a "Walmart update." It said  "One of the hottest recent discoveries by investigative journalists is the sleazy practice known as "dead peasants’ insurance," which is allegedly used by some of our best known big corporations — such as Wal-Mart and Enron. Officially called Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (COLI), this practice has been going on below the radar since the 1980s, and P&J were turned on to it by our favorite lefty in the bullpen, Dick Walton. P&J agree with Dick Walton when he says, "Just when you thought corporate America could sink no lower, you find that your imagination cannot equal that of these fiends."

If you are like me you have no idea what "dead peasants insurance is. My curiosity had been activated enough that I wanted answers. I used the wonderful invention Google to search for my answers. Within seconds of hitting enter a page popped up with more than 170,000 results. Starting at the top I began reading through pages and articles that would have me upset for hours...days even.

"Corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) is life insurance on employees' lives that is owned by the employer corporation, with benefits payable to the corporation. COLI was originally purchased on the lives of key employees and executives by a company to hedge against the financial cost of losing key employees to unexpected death, the risk of recruiting and training replacements of necessary or highly-trained personnel, or to fund corporate obligations to redeem stock upon the death of an owner. This use is commonly known as "key man" or "key person" insurance. Currently, COLI is used primarily for masses of non-key employees in order to get tax benefits, a practice known as "janitor insurance" or "dead peasant insurance". ----(WIkipedia) 

"Dead peasants insurance" or "dead janitors insurance" is insurance purchased by companies on low-level employees. This practice is generally done without the knowledge of the employee. The way the "rules" go the employer isn't required to tell the employee that they have taken out such insurance on them. Furthermore, when the employee dies, the family receives no benefit. Instead the face value of the policy goes to the company, tax-free. We are talking $100,000, $200,000, $300,000+ policies that companies are cashing in on TAX FREE. 

One particular article that I came across speculated that Walmart and other such companies hire older employees for this very reason...because they are more likely to be "profitable to the company." And here we thought that Walmart was just hiring those gray haired greeters because they are cute and friendly. 

Needless to say I was APPALLED as I read. I couldn't believe that such a thing could be legal. To read of a man getting trampled on our way to satisfy our material needs is bad enough...but this...this just makes me mad. We are all aware of how poorly our economy is right now. People we know are getting laid off or fired and we are all tightening our belts in an attempt to stay afloat. Yet here are companies who are thriving...partly due to the fact that they are benefitting from the death of our loved ones! 

I know some of you will be wary of what I have written. I'll be the first to admit that it full of emotion and pent up disdain toward Walmart in general. However, it goes far beyond that and I would challenge you to search out the answers for yourself. Look it up and see what you find.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Here recently the kids have been on a kick of constantly wanting to play memory. Last year for Valentines Day my mom sent the kids a heart shaped memory set so we go back and forth between those and the new Dora the Explorer set we now have!  Is it sad that they usually beat me every time?!? :) They are just so good at remembering what every single card is! 

Thursday, February 5, 2009


From time to time we get enough money and donations together to ship a semi worth of blankets, stuffed animals, medical supplies, etc. down here to Honduras. Usually the shipments leave from Nashville so we have to pay to drive all of our stuff down there and load it. However, this time we found a better option...shipping it straight out of a shipping dock in Beverly. (15 minutes from my house) So right now we are currently trying to collect items to be sent. We are also working to raise money to ship the container. ALthough we won't have the expense of driving the stuff to Nashville it will still cost a few thousand to send it. So...I'm asking that if you have anything you would like to donate or purchase to be sent on the container please get it to my parents or let me know and I'll help you make arrangements. 


There is a mandarin orange tree close to the house. The Mandarins happen to be in season right now ...or are getting there and the kids LOVE going out to pick and then of course EAT them. We went out to get some today and indulged in the delicious fruit. I find them to be the perfect blend of sweetness and tartness. 

That white ish pile you see is salt and Tonys mixed together. Tony's is a spicy seasoning that is very popular here in Honduras. I like it on some things but the kids were practically coating their oranges in the mixture! It was fun to watch them try to be tough. In the beginning it was only Pamela dipping her oranges in the mixture. By the end all of the girls (even Maryuri) were smearing their oranges with the seasoning. They then would try their best to not grimace or drink any water so that everyone else would think they were "tough." 

I probably peeled 50 or more Mandarins before we were through!! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What kind of a world do we live in?

When I got home (to the states) a few days before Christmas my mom asked if I had heard about the man who was trampled to death as he opened Walmart's doors early morning on what has become affectionately known as "black friday." I had not heard and was instantly sickened by the news. What was our world coming to? 

That sickness only grew as I looked up the story online. There were pictures and a full story of how the 34 year old man was stampeded as he attempted to open the doors. The discount crazed customers ripped the doors from their hinges and literally ran over top of the man standing in front of them. Not one of them stopped to help him up. On top of the death 4 others were injured ...including a women who was 8 months pregnant who lost her baby. Yet the story gets worse. When an announcement was made saying that the customers needed to leave the store, that an employee got killed, and they were closing the store no one listened. They started shouting about how they had been waiting in line all night and morning. Others completely ignored the announcement and just continued shopping.  Are we really that materialistic that the life of another comes second to our "needs" of the "needs" of our children? At best those people saved a couple hundred dollars on a new t.v. or child's toy. They went in intending to shop for a holiday (Christmas) that they obviously know so little about. What has happened to the real meaning of Christmas? 

Then in true American "its not my fault" mentality we tried to blame everyone but ourselves. Articles popped up of people pointing fingers back at Walmart. Suddenly it was their own fault that WE literally used a man for a floor mat. People (we) claimed that Walmart should have anticipated such action and had better security in place. People blamed the consumer world for "creating" us to be this way. While others said that Walmart was obviously to blame for having things discounted so much for such a limited amount of time. People are quoted saying they "hope that this story doesn't make international news because it would paint a terrible picture of Americans." Still others claimed that they "would never have acted in such a way. They "would never be that materialistic" and would obviously have "helped the man up." 

As saddened as I was about the lose of a life I was even more so frustrated by the HORRIBLE display of humanity by my fellow Americans. Personally I hoped they would run the story on the front page of every paper in the world for a year straight. I hoped that this mans death would cause us to stand back and reevaluate life, values, and right from wrong. I prayed that we would finally take ownership for our mistakes and faults and turn from the path of destruction we were rapidly moving down. Instead of feeling anger and blame towards Walmart and the consumer world we should have felt shame. To those who claim to be above and better than those few hundred people that ran over the can you be certain? Have you ever snatched the last item off a shelf before the person beside you has a chance to get it? Have you ever walked out of a store and realized you forgot to pay for something....did you go back in and do the honest thing? Have you ever gotten mad because an item wasn't the price you thought it should be or because a store didn't carry something that you "needed?" We can justify it in our minds or claim we are being frugal by fighting to get the best price...but the truth is we have bought into this quicker, better, cheaper mentality. We want more and more. Worse yet we think we are ENTITLED to more. 

I'm not just talking about those people in the store that day ...and I'm not talking just to you all. I'm repeating these questions over and over again to myself. I had to stand back and really think about my own mindset. How often do I "cheat the system?" Would I really have helped that man up that day or would I have rushed in and not noticed him like all the others? How do I view Christmas? What do I do to celebrate the TRUE meaning of Christmas? What do I do that forces others to stop and look at Christmas as something more than a day of gift giving/getting? How many people have I "trampled" on in my attempt to fill my wants and "needs" I know that this blog is months after the event actually happened but I can't get that poor man and his family off my mind. Weekly something reminds me of him. It doesn't matter that I don't know him...he sticks with me as a reminder of how far our nation has truly fallen. He serves as a reminder of how far we will go to secure the "American Dream" ....and how wrong our values have become. So I challenge you to not just let the death of this man pass us by. Stop and think of him. Let his life, and even his death, be a lesson to us. Try hard to remember the important things in life.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In a couple of weeks Rosita will be going to a school for the deaf. (Happy Hands) A couple of the workers came out a couple of days ago to give us papers, a book and a sign language cd to be practicing. While here they mentioned that Rosi was a bit behind ...especially in math. They asked if we would try and work with her to help her catch up. So today I got out pencil and paper, blocks with numbers on them, and plastic eggs. Armed and ready I sat her down and began basic addition. I quickly learned that she didn't even know 1 +1. The blocks seemed to confuse her so we worked with the eggs. I would set one egg in front of her and ask her how many were there. Then I would set two in front of get the idea. After an hour or so she started to catch on. We even managed to do a bit of addition. It was fun watching her get so excited as she figured it out or got an answer right. Now if only my sign language skills were up to par. That is something I'm going to work diligently out these next few weeks. Please pray that we are able to catch her up and that school goes well. I want so badly for her to succeed at this. She is such a bright girl. 

25 Random things...

So lately there has been a facebook "note" being circulated. One of your friends will type up 25 random facts about themselves and then tag you in the note. After reading about things you may or may not have known about that person you are supposed to type up a list of your own and tag more friends. I have been holding out...refusing to take the time to tell people about myself. Well today after about the 15th person tagged me in their note I finally broke down and did it....I just wanted to publish it here for all of you to read as well. I figured for those of you who don't know me very well this will help you get to know me. For those who know me well...this will probably have you laughing or nodding as you agree with what I've written. Hope you enjoy.  

1.     I hate feet and am terrified of birds

2.     Fall is my favorite time of year. I love watching the leaves change, the weather, the smell of burning leaves, and of course a new football season.

3.     I love the feel of a brand new pair of socks and old worn in jeans

4.     I ask stupid questions. I don’t do it on purpose or in an attempt to annoy people …I just ask things as they come to mind…usually without really thinking it through.  I’m random and crazy. My mind is a scary place to live!

5.     The sound of rain on a tin roof is one of my favorite sounds in the world

6.     I love movies and am becoming a t.v. junkie….my celebrity friends think I’m cool

7.     My feet are always cold so I am constantly burrowing them underneath something…or someone

8.     I love reading. I find it easy to get lost in a good book. I am now obsessed with the Twilight series  

9.      I love playing games….settlers, rook, etc….doesn’t matter what the game is I’m always in!

10.  I recently learned what a swinger was. Yes I know…shocking isn’t it?!?

11.  I once ate doughnuts out of a dumpster. Don’t act like you wouldn’t do it…Krispy Kreme throws away all of their leftover doughnuts at the end of the day. It would be a shame to let them go to waste!

12. I love warm drinks…tea, hot coco, coffee, chai, etc. They are my comfort food.

13.  I’m a small town girl…and I love it. My girlfriends and I once had a “notebook night” and literally lay down in the middle of the street and watched the stoplight change colors. 

14. I love doing laundry and dishes

15.  Unlike so many from our area …I LOVE MoCo. The perfect summer could only be described when talking about MoCo….. spending my days muddin in the jeep, going to dinner and a movie with the boys, swinging on the swings, watching dance dance revolution, (better known as So You Think You Can Dance) going to the Blue Bell, the festival/fireworks, etc.

16. I am the worlds worst speller

17.  I’m obsessed with football …especially Buckeye football. I’ve spent ridiculous amounts of money meeting the players/staff, decorating my room, and buying Ohio State merchandise. 

18.  I once played volleyball against Jim Tressel’s daughter….and won.

19.  I love peanut butter…reduced fat Jif to be exact. I can eat it on anything. I love bologna/peanut butter sandwiches, carrots, apples, celery, crackers, pretzels, oreos etc. dipped in peanut butter, peanut butter in my ice cream, and so much more.

20. Few things are better than Sunday afternoon naps

21. I love the smell of baby powder, Vicks vapor rub, gasoline, burning leaves, vanilla, Old Spice red zone aqua reef deodorant, fertilizer as it is spread over a field, freshly mowed grass,  and baby lotion.

22. God blessed me with the most amazing best friend the world has to offer.

23. I don’t…and really have never used deodorant. 

24.  I love watching movies with the subtitles turned on.

25.  I’m in love with this place called Honduras. Some of my happiest moments and closest friends came after I moved here. I want to become fluent in Spanish and I want to adopt a little brown baby some day.