Monday, February 23, 2009


As a kid I loved to rollerblade. Katie, Shea, and I used to go all around town on our was the "cool" thing to do. The kids here at Casa have a pair of skates that they share.  As I watched them take turns skating back and forth in front of the house I was flooded with memories of my "skating days." :) 

They will often share the skates by each taking one skate. I've yet to decide if it is because they are being nice or because they have more control with only one skate. :)  

Monica is hilarious to watch using the skates. The girl often struggles to walk without falling...put her on wheels and it is even worse! Rosita decided to "help her skate" the other day. She thought she could hold her up and teach her how to skate. 

Katty is almost equally terrible on the skates. She can barely stand up straight without falling on her butt. Yet she spends hours falling down, getting up again, falling down, getting back up again.... You get the picture. If she makes it even a few inches without falling her face lights up as if she'd made it a mile. She is a persistent little thing. Much braver than I ever was at that age! 

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