Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In a couple of weeks Rosita will be going to a school for the deaf. (Happy Hands) A couple of the workers came out a couple of days ago to give us papers, a book and a sign language cd to be practicing. While here they mentioned that Rosi was a bit behind ...especially in math. They asked if we would try and work with her to help her catch up. So today I got out pencil and paper, blocks with numbers on them, and plastic eggs. Armed and ready I sat her down and began basic addition. I quickly learned that she didn't even know 1 +1. The blocks seemed to confuse her so we worked with the eggs. I would set one egg in front of her and ask her how many were there. Then I would set two in front of her...you get the idea. After an hour or so she started to catch on. We even managed to do a bit of addition. It was fun watching her get so excited as she figured it out or got an answer right. Now if only my sign language skills were up to par. That is something I'm going to work diligently out these next few weeks. Please pray that we are able to catch her up and that school goes well. I want so badly for her to succeed at this. She is such a bright girl. 

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