Monday, February 9, 2009


This little one will be turning 5 this year. She has been living at Casa for 2 1/2 years now. When she first got here she couldn't walk because she had been left in a crib and her muscles had  atrophied. She was a mean child. She didn't want to be touched and the only time she touched others was to pinch, bite, or hit them. You couldn't even attempt to get close to her. 

She has come SO far since then. She now loves to be held, hugged, played with, etc. Don't get me wrong she has her moments where she lashes out but overall her disposition has changed completely. She has becoming a very loving child who plays and enjoys people. 

However, I come to you today seeking your prayers. Despite the differences in her personality Maryuri remains the most fickle child I have ever met. One second she wants a certain shirt and the next second she doesn't want that shirt.  That would be all well and good except that she is that way with EVERYTHING. In the past few weeks she has become especially difficult. On She will beg to have her hair put up. Then suddenly she'll decide she doesn't want her hair up anymore. She'll pull her hair thing out and throw it across the room then within seconds she will decided she wants her hair back up but she wanted a different hair band. It is back and forth back and forth until you want to go crazy! 

So I'm here today seeking your prayers on the behalf of this little one. For whatever reason she seems to have a hard time with being told what to do.  With each incidence she seems to be saying "I will make my own can't tell me what to do." We aren't sure if this is just her being a difficult child or if her behavior is remnants of her past. Punishing abused children gets really tricky when you really don't know what their past looks likes or what they've had to endure before making it to the safety of our home. 

So I ask that you would pray not only for Maryuri but also for us. Pray that God fills us with patience and wisdom as we continually learn how to deal with each of our kiddos. 

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Vicky said... capture the best faces of Maryuri! And tell these "stories" about that sweet face. I will keep you in my prayers....I'm sure it's difficult! By the are doing AWESOME with your blogs!!!!!! Thank you so much and keep up the good work! Love you tons!