Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5 brothers

I'm back again begging for prayers on the behalf of these boys. You met them long ago when I first came to Casa. They were the first 5 children ever to enter Casa de Esperanza and they were quickly dubbed "the 5 brothers." You watched them grow and change in the pictures on my blog. Then this past May you read my anguish as the courts ordered the boys be given back to their mother and father who had just gotten out of jail after serving 2 years for murder. 

Most recently the 5 brothers, their mom, and their older brother have been living with Jen for the past couple of months while their dad was in a rehab center for his drug addiction. Their dad is getting out this Saturday and intends to move back in with the boys and his wife. Jen is currently looking for a place to rent for them as well as a job for the dad. Our hope is to keep them close enough that we can keep an eye on the family and help out when need be. Not to mention that the boys are currently enrolled in a bilingual school and LOVE it. We want them to be able to continue in their studies there. So I come to you today begging that you pray over these little ones. Pray that the 2 months in rehab have helped the dad change. Pray that we are able to find a place for them that is close by and decently priced. Pray that we have the wisdom to make the best decisions on behalf of the boys. Pray that these little ones make it through yet another transitional period in life. I can't imagine what it must feel like to know that your future is never stable. They constantly live in a state of fear that the current situation will shift and they will be forced to once again adapt to the changes that are forced upon them. 

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