Friday, February 27, 2009


We had visitation today with the kid's moms. Everyone showed up except for Katty, Fernando, Monica, and Doris's family. Katty and Monica seemed fairly unfazed by the fact that their mom was a no show but Doris spent the entire ride home muttering "momma...mommy...momma." Fernando spent the ride quiet and pensive on Mike's lap. He is by far the one most affected by watching everyone else's family show up. He spends every month counting down the days until he gets to see his mother so when she doesn't show it is rough for him. It is always a hard day. Personally I hate visitation day. I hate watching the kids get so hurt by these people that pop in and out of their lives from time to time. Please pray for each of our kiddos tonight as they pillow their heads. No matter if their moms were there or not they surely will be sorting through the emotions of the day. 

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