Friday, May 11, 2007

Small town living

As you all know I recently spent 2 weeks back home visiting people and finishing up my semester at college. Another big reason for my visit home was to spend a little time fund raising so that I could return to this great place. However, with my busy schedule and the endless list of people to visit I was unsure of just how I was going to find time to plan or prepare for any kind of a fundraiser. I need not have worried the time I stepped off the plane on the 26th a spaghetti dinner/silent auction was being planned. All I needed to do was show up with a power point and something to talk about. As I began sharing this fact with some of my "big city" friends they were amazed that people were not only planning the entire event but were also donating all the food, supplies, auctioning goods, etc. They were shocked that people would do so much for me and expect nothing in return. I've had many moments in life where I've sat back and thanked the heavens that I was born into a small town. However, I'm never reminded enough of how lucky and blessed I truly am. I showed up at the church (were the dinner was being held) to find 5-10 ladies already there preparing the food, setting up tables, and making sure everything was ready. Those ladies had organized, planned, and prepared until they were certain the evening would go off without a problem. They spent an entire evening in service for me. I was struck yet again at how many people in my life spend time serving and ministering to me. Yet I'm the one that gets the glory and praise because I'm the one going/doing/"serving." I would never be where I am today without their love, guidance, and assistance along the way. The night did indeed go off without a hitch and as we opened the doors I watched people pour in just to get the chance to ask me questions or hear about what I was doing. They walked in ready to love me with their warm embrace, their genuine listening ear, and yes even their checkbook. They each found a way to express the love that can only be found within small town living. So to all of you small town folks that showed up ready to love me .....I want to say thanks. You have taught me so much throughout life and continue to do so as you mirror to me just what support looks like.

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Bonnie Greuey said...

Even us small town folks can learn from a young lady who is being the hands and feet of Jesus. Keep up the good work and keeping teaching us. Love Ya, Bonnie