Monday, June 30, 2008

Are We There Yet?

This past week I had the privilege of joining two of my guy friends on their adventure out west. Mike and Chris left (driving) June 9th to drive out west and back. They planned to hit as many stops as they could in their 21 day trip. Before they left it became a joke that I should come along....the joke expanded at some point to include my best friend Colby. (because they knew it was the only way to get me to come) Eventually they stopped trying to convince me to go the whole 21 days with them and began talking about Colbs and I flying out to meet them half way through. I'm not sure when the joking became serious or when I actually began considering it but before I knew it I had booked Colby and I tickets to fly to Fresno California to meet up with the boys. 

After meeting them in Fresno the four of us traveled to Sequoia National Park, Death Valley, Vegas, Zion National Park, The Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Canyonlands, Arches National Park, Denver, St. Louis, and lots of cities and things in between. 

It was an amazing trip.....I spent 10 days soaking in God's beauty. 

                                                        The group at the Grand Canyon

      Chris and I ..... tanning our money makers  

       My best friend and partner in crime :) She likes sonic, dinosaurs, bandanas, and taking pictures....of herself!  
Me & Mike (aka Mr. Tumnus/president of spanish club and the stubborn and annoying club) 

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