Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Girls

Tuesday morning Marc stopped by the house just bursting with excitement. Asking Karen and I to join him on the porch he shared with us that SiSi (6 years old) and Rosita, (8 years old)  two girls we have been trying to bring to Casa for months now, would be arriving that very night. They had been taken in by the police Monday evening when they were found roaming the streets. After praying together for the two little ones that would soon call Casa home we all jumped into action to prepare for what was ahead. 

That evening Marc returned (equally excited) with a beaming SiSi and an ever so timid Rosita. We've spent the last two days acclimating them to the house and just simply relishing in the fact that we finally get to love on them. 

We covet your prayers right now as these two little ones attempt to settle in here at Casa. I ask for special prayers for Rosita who is deaf and can't talk. Communicating with her has been difficult and even frustrating at times. We are hoping and praying that when we get her tested the results will show that with the assistance of hearing aids she will be able to hear even partially. 

I promise to put up better pictures soon. ....but for now here you go. 

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