Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving Blood

Last week David, Jen, and I went to the hospital to give blood for Gina's aunt who has been sick. Giving blood is different in Honduras. People don't just volunteer to give like they do in the states and they don't host blood drives. If you have a family member in the hospital that needs blood the hospital will refuse to give them that blood unless your family goes to donate or if you pay to get the blood...so we gave on behalf of Gina's uncle.  It was interesting experience to say the least. They left the tourniquet on the entire time we were giving blood and the needle was so much bigger than any they've ever used in the states. BUT please here me say.... the entire process was clean and sterile. They took the needle out of a sealed package. The area was sterile and the process went very smoothly. I've never given blood and had it NOT hurt until giving here in Hondo. At the end of the day I was bruised but happy we gave. 

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