Saturday, January 24, 2009

Small town living...

Ok so it is apology time...I did a TERRIBLE job of blogging these past few weeks. I was home doing life with my family and friends. I got to spend time with that beautiful nephew of mine and with my sweet grandmother. Clayton is doing great...he has gotten so big. Grandma has good days and bad days. She seems to be forgetting more things by the day. (including who I am) I ask that you pray for my family as she continues to decline. 

As most of you know I live in a very small is literally 8 blocks long with NO stoplights. There are roughly 500 people living within our county and it is mostly farm land. Yet these are just the obvious reasons as to why my town falls into the category of a "small town living." It also doesn't even begin to grasp why I love it so much. 

In my town: People still wave at everyone they pass...just because
"                  " It isn't uncommon to follow a tractor/major farm equipment down a main road 
"     " if you get pulled over by a cop you usually know that cop by name 
"     " find two cars stopped in the middle of the road while the drivers catch up on life 
"     " we have to drive 45 minutes to get to the closest interstate 
"     " cows and other random livestock often find their way into the middle of the road
"     " we have as many cow (and deer) crossing signs as we do other road signs 
"     " if you are short on cash stores will mail you the bill or "credit your account" 
"     " we have one high school for all the kids in the entire county
"     " we get out of school for the first day of deer season, for our county fair, and any time the weather gets even slightly bad enough to make the back roads icy
"     " we have an official "drive your tractor to school day" 
"     " our county newspaper once had an article in it about the great omelets my dad makes....they obviously only run the big news!

I could go on all day! :) The point is .... I LOVE my small town life. 


Bookie Bear said...
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Bookie Bear said...
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Bookie Bear said...

okay third post is a charm ::: they should also run an article on your mom's awesome ways with cucumber and vineger...yum yum!