Friday, April 3, 2009

Taxi Service

Jen, David, and Sam live on one of the mountains in Tegucigalpa. Daily it seems like as we are driving up and down the mountain people will ask for rides. Having a truck is perfect for stopping to pick up passengers. A couple of weeks ago as we were going down the mountain one of the schools was just getting out. Kids were pouring out of a gate to begin the long treck down the mountain. One of them stuck his thumb out in true hitch hiking form and begged for a ride. Of course stopping to pick up one just wouldn't work so we took the whole lot. Pour Sam was squished in the back with about 15 - 20 kiddos! We joked that we were providing the school bus/taxi service for the day. It literally did feel that way as we stopped to drop kids of here and there. Yet we loved getting the chance to serve them even in that small way. 

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