Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Team Stuff

We spent a few hours one morning visiting Hospital Escuela. It is a "free" hospital in the city. We were able to hand out blankets, toys, and coloring pages.

Right behind Casa property is a group of houses. All of the families within are fairly poor and the area is run over with trash. After handing out bags of clothing we spent time helping the people of the community bag up the trash so that we could haul it away. It is easy to want to get frustrated at Hondurans for throwing their trash on the ground. However, Trash pick up is WAY different in Honduras than we are used to. There isn't a garbage man that comes around once a week to your house to haul away your trash. AND there aren't just public trash cans positioned in places along the roads or in towns. It is hard for them to dispose of their trash properly.

We spent 2 days playing at Casa. One night we had a bonfire/cookout with the kids and the other day we just showed up to play. We had a blast.

We built a house out in Santa Ana for a mother and her 3 boys. After we were finished building we were able to go to a little store and purchase rice, beans, coffee, milk, eggs, and a few other essential foods to give to the family as well.

The team met the Casa kids at the mall for dinner and a movie. However, in true Honduras style the movie time they posted in the paper and online was incorrect. Sooo we ended up just going out for ice cream afterwards. It is amazing how easy kids will shift focus when they hear they are getting ice cream!

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Vicky said...

Another awesome trip! So many Hondurans helped so many hearts and lives changed. Please keep blogging! God is good! Love you, Ashley!