Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mimi & Elle

About 3 weeks ago the twins (of the family I work for/live with) turned 2. I've been working for this family since the girls were 5 months old. I've watched them go through most of their milestones....starting to crawl, first steps, first words, etc. I can't believe they are 2 years old already!

Their 2nd birthday was, without a shadow of a doubt, fancier than my wedding day will be! They broke out the sterling silver and white table cloths. The cake was beautiful, the food was perfect, and the decorations took days to prepare and set up! They had well over 50 people come to the party and it was just a really great day.

Cake Table
Food table

Me & Elle
Jessie & Mimi
Mimi and her boyfriend Finn going on their first "car date"
My VA Beach family
I have the world's best best friends.

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