Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Smart Phone

I recently upgraded my cell phone and got the iPhone 4. Thanks to my wonderful sister who bought me the iPhone 3G I was able to sell my old phone and buy the new one for just $50! Let me first say how much I, in my materialistic ways, love my iPhone.

Today while the kids napped I decided to go outside and soak up some sunlight. (I'm tired of living at the beach and being so white!) I settled down on a blanket with my ice coffee, a good book, and music streaming from my iPhone. About 30 minutes late my phone just suddenly stopped playing music. The screen said "TEMPERATURE!!!!" It went on to explain underneath that my iPhone needed to cool down before it continued to work. The screen then flashed to a keypad and above the keypad it said "dial emergency." It even flashed back and forth between English and Spanish asking if I wanted it to dial emergency. Apparently my phone thinks it's too hot to be outside and was prepared to dial 911 for me if necessary!

Thank you smart phone.

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