Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday & Tuesday

4 years ago I met Nathan Hale and we became fast friends. He came to Honduras to build a garden for the orphanage I was working for. During his 2 weeks here I picked his brain and learned more about cob housing, worm beds, composting, and gardening than I ever thought possible. He shared with me his dream/vision to start a farming project that would employ people to work there and in turn would produce food to feed hundreds.

Flash forward 4 years.....yesterday I had the privilege of seeing all of that become a reality. Nathan (and others) came here in April to put his dream into motion. Someone donated land for the project and yesterday our team was able to spend the day working there. I was brought to tears as I stood and looked out over the land.....this project that Nathan has dreamed for, worked for, prayed for, cried for, and fought for. I am moved by his faithfulness to this call that God has placed on his heart and I felt blessed to be able to play even the smallest role in it.

Unfortunately our bus, the truck, and a delivery truck all got stuck in the mud on the property. And when I say stuck I mean STUCK.....like sunk right in. We spent the ENTIRE day pulling, pushing, digging, and praying one vehicle after another out of the mud. Around 8 p.m (after close to 6 hours of working at it) we finally gave up and called a tow truck (which ended up also getting stuck!) to come pull the delivery truck out. Despite it all the team was amazing. They never once complained....even after the sun went down and the skies opened up and began to down pour.

Then today it was off to the Nashville school which is a bilingual school near the valley of the angels to build bookshelves and picnic tables for the school. The school is dedicating to not only giving the kids an education but also teaching them about God's love. After hours of working on the tables we headed to the Valley of Angels (a little shopping village) to buy our souvenirs. While there we enjoyed some authentic Honduran food. We got coffee, Coke in glass bottles (the only real way to drink it in my opinion), pupusas, and fresh fruit popsicles. I was IN heaven. :)

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Vicky said...

I love serving with you in Honduras! Keep up the awesome blogs!!