Monday, January 29, 2007

My Kiddos

All 10 of my kiddos...each special in their own way.

Little Francisco could possibly have the cutest pouty face in the world. It is hard to punish a face like that!

Little Katty gives some of the best kisses and has a giggle that could melt any heart. She is obsessed with gum and will attempt to take yours from your mouth if you will let her.

Mario is a rotten one for sure but you have to admit that he has good taste in shirts!:) No I didn't bring that for him either.

Little Monica loves baby dolls but no matter how many new ones she gets this one remains her favorite.

At 9 Yovani is our oldest. He plays the role of big brother well and is so mature...however sometimes that temper likes to come out and then you might as well get out of his way. Oh and yes that is a tank top I am wearing.

Marjuri is such a loving little one but sure can wail when she wants to. She loves to be thrown in the air and caught.

Marvin is such a good little one as well but can be quite a handful. He likes to act all tough but he has one of the sweetest hearts of any of the kids. He is the first to check on them if they are hurt or help when it is needed.

Fernando is the only boy that isn't part of the original 5 brothers. However, he has found his way into my heart. He likes to sing while laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep and is slowly coming out of his shell a little more.

At 1 Antonio is our youngest. He is our dancer and our most spoiled. He definitely guards his kisses.:)

Cindy is our most troubled child and definitely are hardest to handle. However, when she decides to be sweet you get to glimpse a little girl with such a sweet heart.

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