Thursday, August 16, 2007

Make the most of today

"A young Marion woman was killed Thursday when a limb from a tree was blown down onto her vehicle. The name of the woman killed when a tree fell on the Chevy Trailblazer she was driving has been identified as Shawna Stevens, 22, 576 Girard Ave., according to Lt. David Clark of the Marion City Police Department. Stevens who lived in the area where the accident occurred, was driving in an alley between Girard Avenue and Pearl Street shortly after the storm began to move through, according to Marion City police investigators at the scene.The vehicle proceeded for a short distance after the large limb came down the roof of the Chevy Blazer Sports Utility Vehicle before crashing into a tree. Emergency personnel responding to the 9-1-1 emergency call were delayed by debris blocking the roads accessing the crash scene. Bystanders attempting to help the woman said there was nothing they could do and were too shaken up to talk more about what happened, according to reports from the scene. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene by Marion County Coroner Dr. Marc Comianos. A passenger in the vehicle was able to get out and was not injured.

This is a section from a newspaper from up around Marion Ohio. The girl mentioned (Shawna) was a girl that I used to be very good friends with. Even after life's roads took us in separate direction I was still able to maintain some contact and never forgot all those years we spent sharing laughs and making memories. Tuesday night my family, my best friend, some family friends, and I loaded up in the van and drove to Marion for the calling hours. We were going to show love and support for the family whom had all touched our lives in one way or another. However, I would be lying if I didn't say that I not only went for that reason but also as a last chance to say goodbye. As I stared down at the girl who looked no different now than she did back in our days together I wondered where the years had gone. How did we get to this point..... where had her paths taken her and what had they shown her along the way? So as I turned my back and walked away from her side I wasn't just saying goodbye to an old friend but also a piece of my past that I had almost forgotten about. A piece that very much helped make me who I am today. A piece I hadn't realized meant so much to me. In the days since the calling hours I've reconnected with friends that used to run around with Shawna and I. We relived memories and grieved the loss. However, above all else we have all come to realize how much we value those friendships and how much we miss that closeness. For those of you that never had the privilege of growing up in "small town living" I'm have truly missed out on one of the things I'm thankful for most. It never matters how far life takes us we will always have that bond and friendship. We will always travel the miles to attend each others weddings, reunions, get togethers, and yes when the time comes even each others funerals. I was also reminded of how fragile life is. We never know when we are going to be called home. For me it was a bitter sweet reminder that school will be there whenever I'm ready. Making a difference in the lives of my children who change daily.....can not so easily be put on a back burner. I challenge all of you to stop putting off that thing you long to do or are feeling called to do. Don't make excuses that you have to pay off this loan first or finish that thing first....find a way to make it happen and do it. I also challenge you to not be backward in sharing your faith because just as we don't know how many days we have left we don't know how many days those around us have left. Don't put off sharing your love for Christ until another day. Finally, I ask that you would be praying for this family. The "bystanders" mentioned were her family. Her brother was one of the first to the car and helped remove the tree from the roof of the car. Those are memories he will never be able to erase. The "passenger" with her was her fiance and again that day is going to stand out in his mind for a long time. May your prayers shower this family and wrap them in love. Thanks.


Joyce said...


You are absolutely right! I have most definitely been praying and thinking of my Honduras friends and how they will fair through Felix. I will continue to pray and be most interested in how everyone fairs! One of your new friends from Faith Joy!

Unknown said...

Ash, Aunt Susan sent me this link. You couldnt have wrote it better and yet even though our talks after Shawna's passing were online and phone i appreciate the fact that we got to reconnect. Thank you for writing this entry Ash!