Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Eduardo's graduation

During the last part of my time home I received an e mail from Karen. She was asked to send me a message to see if I would be willing to participate in Eduardo's graduation with him. I gladly accepted and said I would do whatever I needed to do once I got back. Well.... I didn't know what that meant UNTIL I got back. Once I got home I found out that I was to walk him down the aisle while he got his diploma and then had to dance with him afterwards in front of everyone. They then dropped the bomb on me that I had to wear a dress, heels, and jewelry! So graduation day (dec. 1st) came and I the good girl I am.... woke up early and got ready. I called in a friend favor and made Jen go with me. :) I mean lets be honest a Honduran graduation by myself did not sound appealing. So we went and of course sat waiting for an hour and a half before it actually started. However, as things began it became obvious how big of a deal this graduation thing is in this country. It is huge for kids here to have a degree. So the longer I sat there the more honored I felt. Being the one asked to stand up with him was a big deal and I was privileged to play a part. They called his name and I stood up to meet him. I walked straight to him and planted a big on kiss on his cheek in front of God and everyone. Clearly a bit embarrassed he still proudly threw his arm through mine and walked with me to the front. After he had officially graduated and such it was time for the big dance. We all went outside onto this black top area and paired up. The music began and suddenly whether I knew the dance or not we were waltzing around. Eduardo was proud as a peacock as he slipped his little hand in mine and spun me around and around. So even though I missed almost every word spoken during the actual graduation and felt majorly out of place in a sea of dark faces was worth every minute to play such an important role in his life. We finished the day off with lunch, photos, and just fun. I had to sign some papers as Eduardo's official witness and then we got to leave. However, the memory of that day will stay with me for years to come.

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