Tuesday, December 4, 2007

God painted the most beautiful sunset on the night of my homecoming. :) I've been here a week and it feels more like a day has gone by. I have fallen back into the routine way of life here. Let me tell you some conclusions I've come to....1. The internet still stinks 2. The water pressure and water temperature is worse 3. Guacamole is still 100 times better here than in the states 4. people still drive like crazy people. 5. No mas is still my most used spanish phrase 6. The kids are as cute as ever 7. Spanish still makes my head hurt!:) 8. sunsets are best here 9. being a mom to little ones who have never known the definition of that word before is simply the greatest honor God could have ever bestowed upon me.

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Anna said...

that is beautiful! i'm glad you're loving being home! be sure to loves on the kiddos for me! i love and miss you so very much.