Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 2

Today we got up early and headed up to Santa Ana to attend church at the Casa church. After church we walked through town to get to a local restaurant where we enjoyed delicious classic Honduran food. When we were finally stuffed we headed to a local park where we put on a carnival for the people in the village. We were AMAZED at the turn out we had. There were nearly 100 kids there throughout the day. Sara had planned out games and stations but even the planned things weren't enough to occupy the number of kids we had. We ended up falling back on the ever so popular tag, duck duck goose, and other games. We LOVED having the chance to love on people for the day. 


Vicky said...

Wow! Look at the smiles on those faces! Both the kids and the team are having the time of their life. God is good ... all the time! Oh and glad to see the Norton tennis team is represented in Honduras. Keep on keepin' on! Love to all the "Wallaces"~ Awesome job with your blog, Ashley!

Aaron said...

Hey Nate--looks like all is well-continuing to pray for y'al1! Usberries