Thursday, December 4, 2008

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

In the midst of the sunshine and good weather it is hard for me to remember that it is Christmas season. In light of it all I've had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit....maybe it is the weather and maybe it is that I'm not home participating in the traditions of this time of year. Whatever it is I've had a hard time convincing my head and my heart that it is December yet again. 

However, the other night we spent the evening decorating a Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music, and drinking hot coco. If we could have convinced the skies to open up and dump a couple of inches of snow on the ground it really would have felt like Christmas. :) 

1 comment:

Vicky said...

You'll feel your cold soon enough...I can't guarantee snow but God is good...maybe He'll see to it that you have snow for Christmas here in Ohio. Your room is ready...seriously!!!! Love ya!