Friday, March 18, 2011

being a mom

You know you've been around kids too much when you aren't a mom and you.....

1. know the theme song to most shows on Nick Jr.
2. can name and give your opinion on most baby things
3. hear phantom baby cries when there isn't even a baby in the house
4. lost your ability to truly sleep deeply
5. find yourself calling lunch with friends a "playdate"
6. etc. etc. etc.

I have no kids of my own but I often find myself responding, thinking, or basically feeling like I'm a mom. I can't help but have those "mom moments." My favorite moment like this is by far when I was home this past week. Mr. Winter must have known I was in town and that I love snow because he dumped nearly an inch and a half of snow on the ground over the middle of MARCH! I woke up to this beautiful white wonderland. It was hanging off trees, covering the grounds, and falling softly out of the sky. I was in heaven! :) But as I looked out my window at the wonderfully white morning I in my "mom like mindset" thought of an episode of my favorite Nick Jr cartoon: Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends. The show gives its audience (usually children but in my case a 25 year old kid at heart) a peek into the whimsical, woodsy wonderland of a bugs life.

In the episode that came to mind the little hibernationally challenged bugs knew that it was officially spring and they were ready to play with their friends who had slept through the winter. Yet on the first morning of spring they woke up to see a winter wonderland outside their tree. The kid bugs were bummed at first but their mother (Miss Spider) reminds them that although we might be ready for something to happen it may not always be the right timing.

Lately I've been impatiently trying to figure out "what's next in my life" and where exactly it is I'm headed. I'm restless and ready for the next "big thing." Thank you Miss Spider for reminding me to be patient and let God's timing work itself out in my life. I tend to want things on my timing. I suck at being patient and I'm sure God spends a lot of time laughing at my silly time table demands.

You are probably thinking "gee she got all that from a cartoon about a spider?" To which I'm going to say "yep God really does work in crazy ways." :)
I took this picture in the afternoon so some of the snow had melted away and it wasn't nearly as pretty as that first untainted moment of the morning.

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