Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm not sure if it was conviction, a weak moment of health consciousness, my nagging boyfriend's challenge that I couldn't do it, or sheer stupidity but I gave up coffee for lent. For those of you who know me you know I'm ADDICTED to coffee. I could make a full pot in the morning and enjoy it all day. It got to an almost sinful level last summer where I was spending nearly $100 month on Starbucks. Gasp....I know.... no worries though I've moved past that. After about 2 months of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression I finally came to the point of accepting that I had a problem. I've since scaled WAY back to where I only spend about $20 a month in Starbucks.

I've gotten off point....what I'm trying to say is "Hi, I'm Ashley and I'm currently a coffee addict who decided to give up coffee for lent." Cold-turkey, drank it one day and quit the next, gave it up! After much debate (with myself mostly) I decided there was no better reason. Lent is supposed to be a season of sacrifice right? I kept telling myself that if Jesus could be beaten with a whip, carry that heavy cross, have a crown of thorns pressed into His head, be NAILED to a cross, and die for sinful and unworthy ME...then I could give up coffee for 40 days and spend that time truly reflecting on the meaning of sacrifice.

Let me tell you hasn't been easy. There are mornings when I wake up craving a big ol' cup of coffee so badly that I can almost taste it. There are days when I have an unmistakeable "caffeine headache." And there have been many moments when the every day crankiness, that coffee usually suppresses, rears its ugly head and attacks anyone within reach. So for those of you who have had to suffer for my sacrifice I am deeply sorry. I'd like to say its all been a positive experience and that I've used every craving filled moment to remind me of the sacrifice Jesus made for me....but that would be a lie. BUT I can say that I've spent some time in reflection, prayer, and praise. The sacrifice Jesus made is WAY worse than giving up coffee for 40 days so who am I to complain about cravings or headaches? So I beg that you don't view this blog as complaint but instead as a challenge. Even if you didn't give up anything for Lent I would challenge you to spend this Lent season thinking about the sacrifice that was made for each of us. Jesus went to the cross for EACH of amazing is that.
My coffee substitute has become Green Tea or Chai tea. Today I'm sitting outside, enjoying green tea, while reading a book. Refills happen to be free and I've taken advantage of it.....4 times. :)

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