Monday, July 30, 2007


I apologize yet again for letting my blog go untouched for so many days. I promise to put my best effort into spending more time keeping you all up to date. SO here goes....
Our new van FINALLY arrived Monday July the 16th. It has been a long process of finally getting it but at long last it has arrived. However, by Wednesday the 18th we were having van troubles and already having to discuss taking it into the mechanic! Of all the dumb luck...we get a new van and right off the bat find ourselves having transmission trouble. Then on Sunday the 22nd Jen and Gina awoke early in the morning to run Karen and Dorian into the bus station. As they made their way back up the mountain toward home they rounded a corner to find a car being driven straight for them. Jen (being the skilled driver she is) managed to maneuver the car off to the right enough to avoid getting hit head on. Instead the impact happened almost directly on and around the back drivers side tire. Thank the Lord nobody was injured but our not even week old van had been given its first bumps and bruises. The devil just never stops does he..... None the less we have our van. It has been worked on and repaired. For now we will just enjoy having something reliable to get our children from place to place.

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Bookie Bear said...

what name did you give the new van??? and how are the puppiesssssss???