Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The brothers

God is SOO good. The boy's dad got out of rehab this past Saturday. On Friday when Jen opened the newspaper she found a little house for rent. It was the first day the house had been run in the paper. The house is 2 minutes (walking) from the boys current bilingual school and about 2 miles from Jen's house. It is 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms. The price, locations, and everything was perfect for what we needed! The family was able to move in Monday so the boys and their parents are all living together now. I talked to them yesterday morning and they said all went well. So far their dad has been nice and hasn't been drinking. He seems different so lets pray that continues. This really is his last chance. If he starts drinking/beating them again we will report them to IHNFA and they will be sent to another orphanage. SO yes....thank you SO much for your prayers. Please continue to petition the throne on their behalf. This battle is far from over. 

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