Friday, March 6, 2009


This is Doris. She came to live at Casa in May of this past summer. She is mentally retarded and has been quite the handful since she got here. She had never been shown love or affection. She certainly hadn't been taught how to act around other people or how to do the most basic things. So we've all spent time teaching her how to use toilet paper when using the restroom, how to put deodorant on, how to bathe and dress herself, how to just do the normal day to day things. However, I'd say the thing that has taken the most time to teach her would be simply how to interact with others. When she first got here she was SO rough. She would hit us to get a hug or attention. She is getting better about being gentle and just hugging and kissing us but there are still moments when she can really clobber us! She forgets she is nearly as big as us as she flings herself at us. :) She is making up for years worth of hugs, kisses, and love that she missed out on. We like to tease that she is a St. Bernard who thinks he is a lap dog. 

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Anna said...

oh doris... so many memories with her.. haha. love that girl