Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today Sandra (one of our workers) had the kiddos lined up outside on the sidewalk. They were getting ready to come in for lunch and she was having them pray. Just as I was coming outside I heard her tell them they were to hold hands with the person across from them. They then went down the line and each kid prayed for the kid across from them. It almost brought tears to my eyes as I listened to them pray that the other kid would feel better, listen better, act better, etc. They were very genuine in what they asked the Lord to do on the behalf of one of the other kids. It was one of those sweet moments when I'm reminded of what child like faith looks like. 

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Vicky said...

These sweet children put us all to shame. God bless each and every one of them from their beautiful faces right down to their little toes. We are ALL reminded of how much faith we NEED to put in our heavenly Father every day of our lives!!!!! Thank you once again for sharing. Love to you ALL!