Thursday, March 15, 2007


So this post is long over due...we went to the beach almost 2 weeks ago and I am just now getting you all the pictures of it. However, we had some computer problems and we have been unable to get them up. So I hope you enjoy. I most certainly enjoyed the experience. I learned what it meant to see something through the eyes of another. When we got to the beach our little ones were amazed. I heard things like "look mommy water" "hurry Mario lets go" "look at that pool." They were amazed. It was more fun for me to be able to watch their reactions than to enjoy the beach for myself. I saw the ocean in a whole new light. I must say I've been to the ocean dozens of times but never enjoyed it more than when I was able to enjoy it with those little ones. However, I did love the amazing as well. I've always said if I could have the ocean and the mountains it would be perfect....well I found that perfect spot.

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