Thursday, March 1, 2007

Swimming Pool

We recently bought and set up a little pool for the kids to play in. Let me tell you they love it. Not only is it a nice way to cool down in 90 degree weather but they love splashing around in it for hours. I have had such a good time just watching them. I even got in with them one of the days!! Needless to say it was the first day and since then I've steered clear of the pool because who knows how many little kiddos have peed in that pool!:) I just thought you all might enjoy seeing some pictures of our kids having loads of fun.


Melissa said...

Haha, was Marvin the lifeguard?

Ashley said...

Marvin sure was our lifeguard. He did a great job of it...well did a great job of blowing that stinkin whistle at least!:)