Friday, March 9, 2007

More about Max

So before I tell more stories on just how funny it is to have Max here I thought I would first tell a cute one about this morning. A group of people were heading in to the city this morning to get supplies and to take Jen to the airport. Max happened to be holding Marjuri and when he went to put her down she kept arching her back and refusing to put her feet down. She began to cry and say no. She didn't want him to leave her. He kept telling her he would be back and we kept reassuring her it was true but she really did not want him to leave. It was cute to watch not only how attached the kids are to Max but also how visibly attached he is becoming to them. It was a sweet moment.
Ok now for the funny stories. First let me mention that the word for boy is nino. The other day Max had a couple of the boys dangling from each arm when he walked into the kitchen. I needed them to do something so simply said "ninos" and then whatever it was needed to be done. Max looked at me with the most confused look and said "I thought this ones name was Fernando but you just called him nino!" Boy did I want to die laughing. However, I kindly kept a straight face and told him that was the word for boy!:)
So in my last blog I teased about the fact that Max always talks to people here and when trying to do so thinks if he talks slow and loud they will get it. Well even better is the fact that he always seems to get his point across. The other day he ordered ice cream by himself in English and get exactly what he wanted. We still aren't sure how he is doing it but are quite frustrated with that fact that everyone seems to understand him but could never understand us!
That same day in town Max declared that he needed to go to the store to buy some food because he couldn't handle eating beans and rice one more day!:) He also was dropped off at the Marriott so that he could get a full body massage! They left him there all by himself to get an hour long massage while they went to run errands. YOU will have to ask him about that Honduran experience. I'm not permitted to write about such things on here.
Today Max had his first experience of having to push start Gracie because she died while in the city. I haven't heard just what he thought of this experience. However, let me just say he has been working on her ever since he got home. Every so often he comes into the house to get something he needs muttering to himself about what he would do with "that car."
While we were at the beach Max needed to use the rest room and like a good ol' boy didn't complain when he found out there was no bathroom. He simply grabbed the TP, turned, and headed for the woods. On that same day he ate his first Honduran fish. (that I might add came with its head still attached)
Needless to say we are having a great time with Max and laughing...A LOT. I'm sure there will be more fun stories to come.

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Kelly Hardman said...

Hi All, I am enjoying the "Max" Stories soooo much. Keep them coming.