Sunday, March 23, 2008

back in the hospital

Sorry it has been so long since I updated you all on Isabel's condition. Early this past week she stopped eating and started to have seizures more and more as the days went on. Finally on Wednesday we knew we had to get her back to the hospital. She started a seizure in the wee hours of that morning and wouldn't come out of it. So we dropped our momma's off at the airport with a quick hug and rushed off. We found out she has pneumonia and her white blood count was 22,000 ....apparently it is only supposed to be 10,000. They finally sedated her and got her seizure to stop. She has been in the hospital since then. Jen stayed with her Wednesday and Thursday night and I took over Friday morning and have been here since. The doctor came in tonight and said for whatever reason the pneumonia isn't getting is getting worse. Her seizures have been way worse today and her fever won't seem to break. After a few days of looking better she looked far too pathetic today in that big old hospital bed. I'll keep you all posted...but again I beg for your prayer support and your financial support. Although medical care is significantly cheaper here than in the states it is still a lot when you take into account all the tests that have been run.

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