Thursday, March 20, 2008


I've said it before and I'll say it again....I would like one...just one day without drama, sickness, chaos, or moments that make my heart jump to my throat. I seriously think that with the way things go around here I could have a heart attack by the age of 30. Tonight as Colbs and I were getting ready for bed I heard Maryuri scream out. It wasn't a hey I'm in here goofing around yell....or a I'm mad because some stole my toy was a terrifying, gut sinking, bring me running into the room kind of a yell. As I got close to her bed I could see that she was having a seizure and as soon as I touched her I knew why. Her little body was on FIRE! As soon as I took her temperature and saw that it was 104.7 I got her into a cool shower and gave her water and some tylenol. As she started to go into another little seizure I called in the reinforcements. (aka Karen and Dorian) They took her to the doctor but her test results came back normal so they suggested we take her for lab tests tomorrow. However, within an hour of being home her fever spiked again. We spent 20 minutes putting cool rags all over her. Her fever finally came down to 100.2 but would only stay there for 5 minutes before sky rocketing again to its all time high of 105.3. Just seconds later she had another seizure. Karen talked to the doctor who said it was best to take her into the city to the doctor so they just left for there. I'll be sure to keep you updated on what we find out.

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