Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Market

Every other Friday someone from the house heads to the market to do the shopping for the house. They come back with loads of vegetables, fruits, cheese, and other goodies. This past Friday my momma and I tagged along with Marc and Terri as they went to shop. It was my first "market experience." There were vegetables and fruits heaped EVERYWHERE. It seems to me that the vendors would have a hard time making money because everyone appeared to be selling variations of the same thing. 30 minutes and $25 dollars later mom and I left with an experience not to be forgotten. The sights, smells, and atmosphere of it all is different from any other. The busyness of it all pulled me in. No matter what direction you looked someone was scurrying around setting up their booth, selling goods, or trying to get you to come their directions. It was fun and something I loved doing with my momma.

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