Sunday, September 26, 2010


2 years ago yesterday was my beautiful little nephews 2nd birthday. It is hard for me to believe that he could possibly be 2 already. Time flies! I happen to think my nephew is absolutely perfect! He is handsome and smart and just ....well.....perfect! :)

He is obsessed with tractors right now. While I was home a few weeks ago I was able to take him to the Morgan County fair with me to watch my friend Coz participate in the tractor pull. Coz even took the time to carry Clayton around and sit him up on practically every tractor there! Clayton was SOOO excited!

Clayton is also getting way more vocal these days. In true Lauer fashion he is already a football fan. When we watch games he'll go running around the house yelling "Go Buckeyes"(which sounds more like Buppeyes) or "Bengals Go!"

He really just is great. I adore being his aunt. I'm so lucky to even get to play a small part in his life. Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

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