Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Neptune Festival

Last weekend was the annual Neptune Festival here in Virginia Beach. It is a weekend of volleyball, food, concerts, sand sculpting and other fun things! We went down to it on Friday night to look at some of the sand sculptors and have dinner. I was AMAZED by some of the creations. Impressed and envious are only two of the feelings I had while we walked amongst the art work. The sculptors truly are amazing artists. I can't even begin to know how they create the things they do OUT OF SAND....most 4 years olds can create sand castles (the most basic sand creation) better than I can! I've included pictures of a few of my favorites. After admiring the sand sculptors we had dinner outside on the boardwalk near one of the concerts and watched as day light shifted into night and then a brilliant orange moon made is climb into the sky. It was a great evening!

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