Monday, January 3, 2011


The group split up into two separate teams today to build houses. We headed back out to the dump community where we had a carnival earlier this week. Each team built a home for a family. The houses we build are 16X16 wood one room houses. They take roughly 4-5 hours to build from start to finish.
Christina and Kristin braved the roof.

Katie played with kids all morning. They loved here....and I loved watching her with them. She was so patient and just delighted in playing with them so much.
Colby and some of our other girls braved the chainsaw for the first time today!

This was our house building team and the family we built for. We built for a sweet sweet family. A husband, his wife (who is 9 months pregnant), their 4 year old son.

After we finished building the two houses we headed up to the Jesus Statue. It is a huge statue of Jesus Christ that sits over-looking the city. The view at night is amazing. The team headed up there to have our devotional. After almost an hour of singing and devotional time at the feet of Christ we headed back home to get some rest. The team is starting to feel a bit tired and worn down.

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