Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today we headed out early to build a church. The village we were building in is right in the city. It is butted up against all kinds of rich houses and yet no one takes time to notice it.

Well today we showed up to do just that. (notice it) We went in early and attended church in their pre-existing building. The make shift building that stood there before was one that they had made themselves from whatever they could find. Some of the families could have used those pieces of scrap wood/metal to fix leaky holes so that their kids could be dry. Instead, they so valued having a place to worship God and fellowship together that they sacrificed those pieces to build the church.

After attending their church service the members of the church helped us tear down their building and in its place we built a brand new building. The tear down process included lots of termites, a snake, a man falling off the roof, and so much more but at the end of the day it was all worth it.

After we finished building we headed back to Amber's ministry to attend church with the homeless and then we served yet another meal. It has been cool to watch the team connect to some of the homeless people there as we return time and time again.
The back side of their make-shift building.
With a team of 21 girls and just 3 boys our girls have had plenty of chances to flex their muscles ....and flex them they have! Today we had girls scaling the building to work on the roof. We had girls running chainsaws. And we had girls swinging hammers everywhere!

I of course spent more time playing with kiddos than building. :) BUT we did have around 30 people working on one site so I happily backed off and let the others build while I loved the heck out of the dozens of kids running around. This sweet baby girl is Sadie....she quickly became one of my favorites.


BearyII said...

Awesome job team!! God Bless You!!

p.s. to Ashley: day and time back in akron-canton? (heather kindel group) thanks!!

Ashley said...

Heather's group flies in at 10:12 into Canton/Akron.

BearyII said...

thank you Ashley. is it a.m. or p.m.? what day?

Ashley said...

p.m. on the 5th

BearyII said...

thank you!!