Monday, January 31, 2011


As most of you know I spend my days nannying for triplets. It's about as easy as it sounds....3, terrible twos, toddlers running around all day, fighting of toys, hitting each other, climbing things not meant to be climbed, biting, pinching, etc. etc.

The dad is deployed and the mom works 3 days a week. So I come to their house Monday evenings and stay until Thursday evening because they still aren't sleeping through the night. Yet in the midst of the chaos and tears I fell in love with these kids. I've been nannying for them for a year now and I adore them...most days.

I had one of those "most days" kind of days recently. Nothing was going right. I had a headache, the kids were especially cranky, no one napped, and they ALL wanted held at the same time. Not to mention one of the kids is potty training so I was also dealing with that. One of the little boys, (Mason) who isn't potty trained yet, figured out that if he takes his pants off he can then rip his diaper off. So that every time I turned around I found a diaper on the floor and saw a half naked boy streaking across the playroom in a fit of giggles. It was funny....the first 100 times. Then on that 101 time I look over in time to see him rip the diaper off and then take off running....peeing all over the floor as he left. By the time I cleaned up the mess and got a diaper back on him we had ripped it off again and peed on the couch.

Shortly after that I put the kids down for nap. When I went in to check on them a few minutes later Mason had once again taken off his diaper and peed all over himself and the bed! I had to strip the bed sheets and wash those and his clothes. Needless to say he has been wearing a onesie ever since....and while I didn't see the humor in the situation while it was happening I've since been able to laugh about it.

They certainly keep me on my toes!

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