Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A servants heart

So since I arrived at Casa de Esperanza I have struggled with the fact that we have people working here for us that at times seem more like slaves than friends. There are 3 guards that take turns watching over us 24 hours a day and there are 3 women who work doing our dishes, laundry, cleaning, and making our meals. All 6 people serve us with smiles on their faces and without complaint. I often times return to my room to find my bed made and my clothes returned to my room clean and folded. Not only do they serve without complaining but they are so polite and kind in every way. They ask permission before entering a room I am in and hug and kiss me every time they arrive or leave. They apologize for the littlest thing that they feel might offend me and get offended any time they see me doing any cleaning or picking up. They feel that if I am doing something it is because they weren't working fast enough and feel bad for that too. The amazing part is they seem to enjoy what they are doing and love being here to do those things. Today the girls and I decided we were going to create a path to run on around the property but quickly found that the brush, weeds, and briers made it very difficult to get through. So we enlisted the help of one of our guards who was off duty but was still on the property doing some work. He graciously walked with us as we retraced our steps and showed him just where we wanted our new running path to be made. Then we left to go take our showers and powder our pretty white noses (ok I may be exaggerating) while he stayed in the heat doing what we had asked. Later in the day that same guard assisted us in finding a way to hang our new hammock so that we might enjoy the beautiful afternoons swinging back and forth between the strong branches of two perfectly positioned trees. Again we showed what we wanted done and then left as he stayed to work and rework a plan to make sure the job was done perfectly. I tell all of this to paint a mental image of just how hard but willingly these people serve us. I understand that we are paying them and providing for them in many ways that most here never get but still they definitely define the saying "above and beyond the call of duty." As I sat today thinking of just how much they do but how willingly they do it I couldn't help but look at the way I serve. Sure I'm in Honduras serving its people and doing what the Lord asks of me. ...but do I serve as willingly? Do I serve and spend all my day working with a smile...a genuine smile...pasted on my face? Do I serve patiently and graciously? Do I do what is asked of me and then some? I mean sure they are getting paid...but God promises me a payment that surpasses any kind of payment that we could be giving out. Yet they do such a better job than I at truly knowing what it means to be a servant. Their examples have helped to remind me just what kind of a servant God is calling me to be. I only hope that when people look at me they also see such a selfless, gracious, loving, patient, and humble servant. So instead of looking at our workers and feeling sad my heart is refreshed. For the first time in a long time I am reminded of what it looks like to serve another so completely.

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Bookie Bear said...

A hammock?! laying in the sun?! if thats how you guys serve in hondurus, sign me up! Today Mirror Lake was frozen over and guys were playing hockey on it.. . send me your love, but send me your weather too!