Tuesday, February 20, 2007


SO ....Mario, Marvin, and Yovani started school last week. Originally we thought that we would have 6 kiddos starting school this year. However, due to age problems and such we only ended up being able to send the 3 oldest boys this year. The rest will have to wait until next year to start. The 3 boys are loving school. They get up way early in the mornings and can't wait to get those uniforms on. Which by the way they look so cute in. Let me also tell you that seeing them look so grown up and heading off to school isn't so easy for these mothering hearts. I was up with the one morning this week helping them get dressed and listening to their excited chatter about their excited chatter about the day ahead. Marvin was sharing with me about Yovani's new girlfriend and Mario was talking about his teacher. Jen also shared how the day before Yovani had given her a kiss goodbye when she walked him to school but he first looked around to see who was watching. AND so it began...they start having girlfriends and being embarrassed to have "mom " around. It was then that I was struck by how grown up they seemed. Then as they walked out the front door and I shouted out one last "I love you" and heard those little "I love yous" come floating back as they sprinted across the driveway my heart was pulled by the many emotions swelling within it. They change and grow so much each day that there is always so much to watch in their little lives. For those of you that have children I finally understand when you say that they grow up so fast. Hug your little ones a little tighter tonight because we most certainly have a death grip on ours!:)

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Bookie Bear said...

aw hahahaha i remember when you were worried about the things your mother would find out. . .especially in jr. high. . life is so ironic. . haha.