Monday, April 16, 2007

blog of apology

I wanted to take a few moments to explain the huge gap between this blog and my last one. I am sincerely sorry for all of you frequent viewers of my blog. I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been to sign on day after day only to see the same blog staring back at you. No matter how good of a reason I may have it doesn't make up for the countless times you suffered through with nothing new to interest your brains! Now for the excuse part of the blog...please have a little mercy!:) On the 5th of April we had a missions group from Belpre fly in to spend 10 days doing a variety of acts of service. As some of you know this group comes down every year at the same time and happens to be from Jen and Karen's home church. Therefore, upon their arrival Jen and Karen joined these people that mean so very much to them to help with the activities of the week. They stayed out on site with them and worked with them each day. This not only meant I was the only "momma" in the house but also that I would be very busy. However, it didn't matter how busy I was because they had needed to take the laptops and computer cords for the facility they were staying at which meant I was left with no Internet connection and no way to blog for all of you. However, I did get to spend 3 or 4 days with the group. I had the privilege of getting to know some of the most real and humble people I have ever met in my life. I have never worked with a group of about 40 people and walked away so thoroughly impressed by each of them. I was blessed simply by having the chance to get to know them and work with them even for such a short amount of time. So as a shout out to them...THANKS for the way you touched my heart and the country I call home. Bless you all.

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Karen Burnfield said...

Ashley, It was really great getting to meet you also. Please contact me at my e-mail: I need to talk to you about somethings for the boys before you come home. Devon & I would like to come to your presentation, so e-mail us and let us know where and when. We had a great time and I was hard to come home. Can't wait to go back soon. Just wanted to let you know the pleasure was all ours. P. S. Give our love to all the children but especially to Carlos and Marvin. They made leaving even harder and we miss them already.