Monday, April 16, 2007


A couple of weeks ago we had the kids outside playing right before dinner and little Monica broke her leg. Marvin was riding a bike that was way too big for him. He came around the corner of the playground equipment and ran into her. When they hit he knocked her over and ran over her leg. Broke the bones right above her ankle. It only took me 2 seconds to look at her with my little to no medical expertise and I knew we needed to get her to the doctor. It was a mangled mess. Jen and I headed into the city with her which by the way was the longest car ride of my life. I felt so helpless as I sat there holding her and was unable to do anything to stop the pain. The worst pain a momma can feel is having to watch one of her little ones suffer and know there is nothing they can do to help. It was a hard ride into the city. She ended up getting a cast that she will have to wear for a month. She is slowly getting used to it and learning how to get around with it on. Little Francisco offered a little assistants by pushing her around on a little toy with wheels. She loved it!

So since it has been so long I wanted to take the time to not only give you a glimpse into what God has been doing with my heart but what has been going on here at the house. Last Saturday the 7th Katty had a birthday. She is one of the 3 children who came without a birth certificate. Therefore, she had no name or birthday. Nobody is real sure how old she really is or when her birthday should be. SOO...we simply picked a day. Best guess would be that she turned 3. It was a great day of fun!! We had cake and then she got a bubble maker as a present!:) She loved it.
As you all know...last Sunday was Easter. However, it was an extra special Easter for us. Not only was it my first Easter as a "momma" but it was the first real Easter the kids have ever had. Boy was it a great day. We got up and headed to church. Then afterward we had nap time so that they could be fully rested for the big "fiesta!" We had spent time the day before dying Easter eggs so that we could have eggs to hide. On top of that my parents sent lots of goodies for Easter Baskets as well as plastic eggs with all the fixings for egg stuffing! We hide tons of Easter eggs. I can't even explain to you the joy on their little faces as they ran around finding their eggs. We invited the pastor and his family as well as one of our workers and his two children. They all had a blast racing to see who would be first to find their eggs. Then to add onto that joy they finally realized that the eggs were full of goodies. I turned around at one point to find that little Antonio had abandoned the search for eggs and was contently peeling one of the hard boiled eggs and eating it!!! Once all the eggs were found we rounded up all the kids and headed inside. Due to the fact that it had rained all day and was way muddy we did a good ol' fashion foot washing before they entered. Even though they didn't really understand the symbolism behind the act I was greatly moved by it. We then had a big feast and the pastor's wife gave an amazing Easter lesson. It was a sweet sweet day that will go down as one of my most precious memories.
Good ol' Daisy showed up at work one day last week with a dog...oh yes a real live dog. Not only did she show up with it but also brought it right into the house. I was back in the girls room helping Monica get dressed when I heard all the others squealing and clapping. When I went to investigate they were all running around following this dog. It reminded me so much of a t.v. show as I watched them chase this dog down the hall way and around the corner. Then all of a sudden one by one the kids come running/screaming back around the corner toward me followed quickly by the dog. Needless to say this dog had a collar, was well feed, and obviously well taken care of. Yep you guessed it...Daisy had brought home somebody else's dog and no matter what we said she was convinced she was keeping it.
It has happened...the kids finally got rough enough on the pool that they broke it. I haven't had the chance to see if it could be revived but something is going to have to happen because we have some sad kiddos!
Not so much of an update as just a few extra pictures but the older boys were willing to let me have a little fun the other day. They posed for me and hammed it up. It was great fun and I couldn't help but take tons of pictures.

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Bookie Bear said...

Ah! I forgot to say Happy Easter to you as I talked to you earlier this evening. . goodness. Well looks like you still can make the guys do what you want. . hehehe, the "hamming it up" pic is cute. . .cant wait to see ya darling in T-9 Days!!!