Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kids will be kids

I am struck daily by how unpredictable children really are. How true is the statement kids will be kids. No matter what we tell them or how many times they are constantly doing their own thing. However, countless times I have found them in a situation where they really probably should have been "talked" to but I can't keep the smile off my face long enough to do it. That sort of situation happened last night. I had sent the girls to get ready for a shower and was helping do something in the kitchen. When I made it back to the bedroom I could hear the water running in the shower so curious as to what was happening I made my way back there. As I made it to the door way I could see sweet little Monica sitting half in the shower and half out. Let me remind you that she has a broken leg and isn't supposed to be getting the cast wet. (though it may have happened a few times already and we have sat with a hair dryer doing our best to fix the problem) With a groan I headed toward her telling her sweetly that she couldn't be in there. However, as I got closer the sound of giggles reached my ears for the first time. As I peered into the shower I found not only Monica but Marjuri as well. Marjuri had managed to get out of her shirt but was still very much wearing the pants we had put on her for the day and her jelly sandals!! Shower hose in hand she looks up with those sweet brown eyes as yet another giggle escapes. As frustrated as I wanted to be that Monica's cast was wet yet again or that Marjuri was soaked while still in her clothes, or that there was water EVERYWHERE I found that all I could do was giggle right along with them. After pulling Monica back out of the spray of the water I headed for my camera. I mean are you really surprised... I am the picture girl! :)

When I had finished the girls showers and cleaned up any messes I headed over to help Carlos with the boys. Carlos had just finished with Antonio and was attempting to dress him. I say attempting because all little Antonio wanted to do was dance! He is our little dancer for sure and was standing on the table shaking everything God gave him with the biggest smile on his face! You would have thought that there was music blasting from somewhere...nope just the music in his head. It didn't matter though because he was having the time of his life. Also about that time he noticed the mirror behind him and started hamming it up while watching himself. He is just started to figure out the whole reflection thing and loves it! He waves to himself, talks to himself, and gives himself kisses.

Another of our recent children discoveries would be Monica with her shadow. She is so amused by the fact that it is always with her and often pulls on your hand to say look look as she points to her shadow. She moves to see if it moves. She talks to it...the works. It is so fun to watch. I have said it before but life is so much sweeter when you are living it through the eyes of a child. Things that I've never taken the time to get thoroughly excited about like my shadow or my reflection! They don't care what that shadow or reflection looks like and they aren't real sure how it all works but it doesn't matter. How often do we see our reflection or shadow and think gosh I need to lose weight...cut my hair....get rid of these wrinkles. We've missed the point. It isn't about what that reflection/shadow looks like it is the fun of discovering it there day after day. They are images of the very finger prints of God.

Another one of the need a camera because you can't muster a "talk" situations happened the other night during dinner. Apparently Antonio wasn't hungry because while I was attempting to feed the other kids, get drinks, and answer the momma mommas Antonio managed to not only dump his bowl upside down but also spill his drink. He then proceeded to mix them together on his little table and make a paste substance for his hair. He would mix it around with his hand then run his hand over his head and all over. I was oblivious to any of this until one of the other children pointed out that I may want to do something!!! He was a mess, the floor was a mess, his seat was a mess...and he hadn't eaten anything! However, no matter how much I needed to take the stuff from him and give him other food I couldn't. Instead...oh yes I went to get my camera and let him have a few more minutes of fun while I snapped picture after picture!

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Melissa said...

I LOVE all your pictures and stories of the kids! I sure miss them. Antoino is getting so stinkin cute, especially with food all over his face. Bibs have no purpose on him.