Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I want water

We have as a whole decided that we are going to try and teach little Antonio English while he is learning to talk. Therefore, we say and have him repeat words/phrases in English when we are talking to him. The other day as I was working with him I would point to something and tell him the English word for it. I would then say the Spanish name for it before repeating the English word. As I repeated this process again and again I was struck by how trusting he was. Children naturally learn the names of things from their parents or adults around them. However, have you ever really stepped back and thought about this. What if I was telling Antonio that the floor was really called the door. He had no way of really knowing what I was saying was right but with each repeated word he spoke with a confidence that said "she knows what she is talking about." He didn't really know what each word in the phrase meant. He simply knew that if he said I want water he got aqua.
In the same way I have learned to accept the words God has given me. My Father has given His word and I don't doubt it for a second but absorb it like a sponge. I may not be granted the secret of understanding all of the word yet but I keep listening to God's word hoping to one day know their true meanings. For when it comes to the knowledge of Christ I am an much like Antonio. Just as he put his trust in what I was saying I too put my faith in HIS words. There are still parts of this Christianty thing that I may not understand and am still figuring out. However, I will believe the words I want water will give me agua.

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Ready To Fly said...

Love it!! If i could only write as well as you could!! Thanks for sharing this...I really enjoyed it!!

Love you and miss you!