Wednesday, June 6, 2007


There are just some things a mother should never have to do. Spending time in the cancer ward of a hospital for any amount of time is right up there on that list. Yesterday Jen and I took Katty back to Hospital Escuela to meet with her doctor. Some of you may not know that when we got Katty her blood test showed signs of problems and fearing the worst they thought possibly a chance of cancer. However, since then she has had more tests done and those tests came back clean. In an attempt to make sure they didn't miss anything they are having her tested once every 4-6 months. Yesterday was such a day. Jen and I awoke around 4:30 and headed into the city to be there by 6. We arrived on time only to find out that the doctor didn't actually come in until 7. We were directed to go through a set of doors and wait in the next room. As we walked through the door I looked at Jen as if to say are you kidding me. They were having us wait in the room where the kids in the cancer ward were having chemo! I'm talking beds along every wall of the room full of kids hooked up to chemotherapy. We sat watching mothers (who looked exhausted) hold their children over top of a tiny little trashcan they had been given as they threw up every part of their insides! I sat staring at bald heads, sunken in eyes, and tear stained cheeks. I sat watching kiddos who were hooked up to IVs and chemo treatments until my eyes hurt as bad as my heart. There were more kids than there were beds. Therefore, the chairs that had once been placed in the center of the room for waiting parents were now being used to hold children in desperate need of a bit of comfort. So as I sat there staring at the scene around me I couldn't help but grief the pain of each of those little ones. It wasn't something my "tough" little heart could have taken on any day...let alone the day after taking Luby back. It was a good reminder that there are kids in there every day sick and dying that we think very little about and pray for even less. I know your prayer lists are already way long but I ask you to add those within the hospitals to your list. Katty's test results were once again clean ...thank you Jesus. For those 7 hours I had sat in prayer not only for those before me but also for that little one in my lap. I sat terrified that she too might be added to the children I saw before me. However, after spending just 7 hours in the hospital I had more respect and sympathy for those parents standing beside their children.

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