Friday, June 1, 2007

Would we?

As i look out my high rise window, 810, i see the horizon
and the great expanse in between
and it is beautiful...
as i look down at the specifics i see the smoker kids down on the street who find their community in an addiction, on a sidewalk
whether, sun, rain, or snow
they find their place there on the outskirts of campus
on a piece of concrete.
i wonder if Christianity was ban on campus
and we had to meet out on the sidewalk
if we'd be so dedicated? or so addicted...
you would think Jesus should be easier to sell than cigarettes.
but then again community is a powerful thing
even if it's found on the outskirts of campus, in the cold, on a piece of concrete... we do often choose damage over healing and ask ourselves why
i thought our nice, warm, church buildings
with our high dollar programs would work better...
but then again community is a powerful thing.
Earth is a breathtaking sight from space, as the horizon is from my window
but don't forget to look down and closer
because the details can make a big difference.
attention to the detail is the difference between a finger painting and a master piece
it's all paint...
As I was messing around on myspace I stumbled upon the following song/poem on one of my friends blogs. It hit me in ways that he will never know. Would we be so addicted. If being a Christian became hard or inconvenient would people still want to play a part in it? Would we be there rain or shine wind or snow? Would I...would you?

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