Monday, March 17, 2008

Isabel at Casa

I spent Thursday night and Friday night curled up in the hospital bed with sweet Isabel. Each day she gained a little more weight and got a little stronger. During those days they ran tests on her. They did an EEG and a CT. The CT helped determined that the seizures she had been having were caused in the frontal lobe of her brain. The EEG showed that all was normal there. (Praise Jesus for miracles!) Finally, on Saturday the doctor decided she was ok to leave the hospital if we had somewhere to take her. With it being Holy Week here we had few other options for now than to bring her home to Casa. So for now at least she is staying here at the house as she continues to gain strength and fight for her life. However, I still BEG for your prayers. Her seizures seem to be getting worse instead of better. She has started to refuse to eat and seems uncomfortable most of the time. She is far from being out of the woods but I know with a lot of food, love, and prayers she is going to improve in leaps and bounds. She is cute down to her 6 toes and her 6 fingers! I find her to be more beautiful by the day. All of kids have met her now and are SO great with her. They are constantly asking if we remembered to feed her or if she needed anything. A few of them have colored pictures for her and ask if they can hold her. They have all loved on her, cuddled her, kissed her, and made over her like she is the princess of the house!:)

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AJ said...

Hi Ashley,
I am praying for Isabel and sending some money to Stockport Church for her stay in hospital. I mentioned at work about her to one of the nurses and she gave me $20. to send to you too! God is good.
See you the first of May.
love and prayers to all,
Ajuana Worthington